New Sediment Control Products Prove to Cut Costs and Save Time at Construction Sites

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Construction site sediment control is a very basic and important responsibility. The Clean Water Act (CWA) passed in 1972 is updated continuously to regulate storm water runoff and minimize pollutants in our nation’s water.

Under the CWA, construction site operators must take considerable measures to ensure that sediments, debris and other pollutants from their sites are contained so that they are not allowed access to waterways. Those who fail to do so face hefty fines – often in the thousands, and sometimes in the millions, of dollars.

The cost of complying with sediment control regulations is minuscule compared to the expense of defying them. Today’s sediment control products are affordable, easy to use, and built to last. They’re a wise investment that saves time and money on construction sites.

Sediment Control Products for Storm Grates

Sediment control filters for storm grates are available in bags that enclose the grates, sacks that suspend underneath them, and pop-up bags that encase them while diverting storm water. All feature porous material that allows water to seep through, while containing sediment and debris for safe disposal. These products take the worry out of blocking off grates with flimsy silt fences or makeshift barriers, and they keep construction sites compliant, even in the midst of extremely heavy, sediment-laden storm water runoff.

Oil filters that skim and absorb oil from storm water can be placed inside of these units, providing a dual duty with very little added effort. When a filter is nearly saturated with oil, it can be removed and replaced in seconds.

Maintenance of storm grate bags, sacks and pop-up bags is very simple. Just remove accumulated sediment and debris from the surface and vicinity of the units after each rainfall, and remove sediment from inside as needed. With this little bit of care, these easy-to-use products can provide consistent, reliable, money-saving performance.

Sediment Control Products for Curb Inlets

Different products are offered for sediment control within curb inlets, depending upon whether those inlets have storm grates or not. For curb inlets without grates, sediment control solutions can be as simple as specially manufactured rolls placed in front of the inlets.

Curb inlet rolls consist of a porous, durable fabric that allows storm water to slowly seep through while keeping sediment out. Top quality rolls are designed to conform to the shape of any curb, making them extremely easy to install. Some even feature an overflow design to help the roll continue to work in very heavy rains.

After each rainfall or watering event, simply inspect curb inlet rolls and remove all sediment and debris from them and the vicinity. Quality rolls are very worry-free and can be used over and over, making them a wise investment of both time and money.

For curb inlets with storm grates, bags and sacks offer reliable inlet protection. The curbside storm grate bag is like a regular storm grate bag and a curb inlet roll combined. The storm grate fits inside, while a roll on top of the bag sits against the curb. This provides a double line of defense against sediment and other pollutants.

The curb roll also can be found on storm grate sacks. Unlike bags, sacks do not enclose the grates, but instead feature an open-top design. Water runs into the grate and becomes suspended by the sack, filtering through it slowly while sediment and debris are captured for safe disposal.

Oil absorbent filters can be used with inlet rolls, bags and sacks. As with storm grate products, this option allows developers to stretch their dollars and save time by setting one product up to perform a double duty. Maintenance on the filters is as easy as removing and replacing them when they are near saturation.

Curbside bags and sacks should be checked regularly and cleaned to keep them performing at their best. Debris and sediment in their vicinities should be swept away, and any debris should be removed from the top of the bag. When sediment and debris accumulates inside of the bag or sack, the product should be removed from the grate and emptied.

Maintenance for all of these products should be quick and easy and when performed regularly, curb inlet protection products should offer reliable, reusable service for extended periods. This combined with the fact that quality curb inlet protection products should eliminate or reduce the need to flush or clean inlets, means these products, like the rest of the sediment control products mentioned here, can save companies valuable time and money while keeping them compliant with the law.

Dan Cleveland is president of Dandy Products, an industry leader in storm water management and sediment control products. Contact Dandy for excellent, innovative products that will save your company time and money.

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